Event Consulting

Creating a successful event involves more than sending out a few invitations. We develop the program, coach your speakers and hosts, and create an ask strategy that produces significant results.

Success doesn’t just happen. It has planned for. To continue developing the art of planning, you can be confident that we can provide you consistently with excellent results. Our expert level of planning and budgeting ensures deadlines are met and budget overruns never arise.

An event consultant’s primary duty involves planning special events for individuals and businesses. They also work with wedding planners, party promoters and venue managers to organize events. An outgoing and friendly personality is a key requirement in order to become an event consultant.

Event consultants envision, plan and execute birthday parties, weddings, receptions, meetings and conferences for clients. They secure locations where events will be held, help in the interior decoration of venues, contact catering companies, DJs and hosts and schedule timing for agenda and programming. They may also work with graphic designers to create fliers and invitations for upcoming events and contact public relations agencies to publicize events. Event consultants usually attend events they plan to ensure they go smoothly and handle any problems that may arise.

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