VR Games

Our creative services/products backed up with latest technology will make your brand stand out from rest, leaving long-lasting impression on people’s mind. Our innovative branding solutions not only engage audience in an offline environment but also keep them pinned in social media ecosystem.

Video Gallery


VR Basketball

The new Virtual Basketball features one on one challenges against actual footage of today’s top basketball stars. Participants stand in front of a green screen and have their video image Chroma-keyed into the virtual court action. They see themselves onscreen, able to interact with the animated basketball and go one-on-one with the player of their choice on a dynamic 3D virtual basketball court.

VR Boxing

Virtual Boxing is a realistic physics and skill-based VR boxing simulation! Learn how to box & have fun while developing your own personal fighting style! Raise your ‘mitts’ and try to Knockoff your opponent. It’s great for all ages and for all types of events.

VR Cricket

Cricket VR is virtual reality cricket experience that emerges you right in the heart of the cricketing action. You find yourself in the middle facing a variety of bowlers from fast paced seam to off spin and leg spin as try to hit a record score and join the Honors Board.

Roller Coaster


Virtual Reality Apps

360 shoots

Experience the real life sensation if this virtual roller coaster and an exciting environment. VR Roller Coaster is a breathtaking 360 VR simulation of a crazy amusement ride. This experience sets another level of thrill & excitement in virtual reality.

Virtual reality applications, or virtual reality apps for short, are quickly making their way into to the mainstream. From mobile applications to web apps, virtual reality will soon become a reality. To start with, an app is a piece of software designed to fulfill a specific set of needs. With that, a virtual reality app is just an app which uses the power of virtual reality to reach its goals. It is, however, more in-depth than that. Not only are there many different types of virtual reality apps, such as games and healthcare solutions, there are also many different target platforms.

Try something innovative and new for your next event! Our Virtual Reality Booth allows your guests to immerse themselves into a new world. From experiencing realistic 360° Videos in the safari or the exhilaration of swimming with the sharks to experiencing a thrilling roller coaster, the possibilities are endless! With our variety of content ranging from fun and interactive games to engaging 360° videos, our virtual reality booth is perfect for any occasion and suitable for people of all ages. We provide state of the art Virtual Reality Technology powered by Oculus to provide the best possible experience and make your next event Unique & Unforgettable.