Interactive Floor

Now convert any floor into touch screen without any physical tampering with the floor & ‘Wow’ your visitors with interactive graphical games and effects projected on the floor. It easily turns open floor spaces or unnoticed areas into an ongoing experience of movement, action, fun, and excitement, stopping people in their tracks as they play, walk by or interact with your marketing content.

It can also be an attractive and eye-catching addition to a variety of major events, such as weddings and advertising expos. The Interactive Floor System can engage customers, command attention, increase visitor traffic, drive sales and create a more dynamic customer experience.

Video Gallery

How it Works

  • An interactive game, e.g. soccer, fruit ninja etc. or any theme can be projected on the floor.
  • Multiple players can play the game at once.
  • User can share the achievements and experience on social media.


  • Select from exquisite collection of graphics and animations suitable for your venue.
  • Real time motion detection & fast reaction for maximum experience.
  • Brilliant real-time-3D-graphics, scalable resolution.
  • Customized branding options to upload own logos, pictures & visuals.


  • Attractive eye-catcher at trade fairs, live events & promotional campaigns.
  • Kids entertainment for waiting areas, shopping malls & private parties.
  • Entrance welcome effect in weddings or other special events.
  • Visual marketing tool to launch new products/ services at promotion, entertainment events.


  • Kinect V2.0 for Windows.
  • Overhead short-throw projector.
  • i7, 8GB, 120GB HDD


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